About Us


To provide excellent service to our customers in the areas of electricity, mechanics, automation-control, civil, power generation and supply chain and logistics using specialized and efficient technology. We are specialists in the area of operation and maintenance in the industrial, mining, oil and shipping sectors.


To be national leaders in engineering services, construction, operations, maintenance, chain supply and logistics contributing to increase the productivity of our customers, the well-being of our staff and the benefit of our shareholders’ economy in an efficient and sustainable way with care for the environment and high values ​​of integrity to our commercial relationships.


Services, Concesiones and Representations. Secorsa Cia Ltd. is a national company located in Quito – Ecuador. Since 1999 we have developed our management in the energy sector in all its phases: Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

In the engineering processes (conceptual, basic and detail), procurement (supply chain and logistics) and construction. We specialize in the operation and maintenance of electrical systems and generation plants that operate with conventional fuels: diesel, natural gas, associated gas, crude oil.

Provision of Assembly, Construction and Procurement (temporal and definitive) services.

  • Plants of Electricity generation: Gensets; Load Banks, Fuel tanks, Fuel lines, Transformers, Switchgear, Cabling, Installation of Trays, Wiring and Connection of Power Cables.
  • Surface Production equipment for Oil Wells: Inverters Installation, Lift Transformers and Chokes, Switchgear, Cabling, Installation of Trays, Wiring and Connection of Power Cables.
  • Processing Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Compressed Air Systems.