SECORSA plans, coordinates and executes technologies connected to innovative solutions to manage projects in a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable way, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

Installation of Generation plants

We develop the design, construction and installation of the generation plants, large or small with generators for each application according to the customer needs.

Construction & Assembly

We execute construction and assembly of industrial projects, providing our customers benefits through our specialized services and state-of-the-art technology (tecnologia de punta?) ultimo que hay en tecnologia

Mechanical Integrity

Our inspection and maintenance plans are based on risks, for transport and distribution lines and for process plants, using methodologies such as RBI, HAZOP, RCFA, ICDA, ECDA.

Fire Protection System

Our design, execution and maintenance of fire-fighting facilities comply with national and international regulations.

Operation & Maintenance

We offer Operation and Maintenance related to generation plants, supervision of schedule shutdowns, energy audits in small and large installations.

Predictive Maintenance

We ensure operations and installations with the conservation of equipment by performing review and repair making sure of its functioning and reliability.


We implement telemetry systems through remote reading from the meters (energy, water, gas, temperature, etc) to which have been installed a communication system GPRS that reaches a main server, where the performance of the supply is needed. Telemetry is an automated communication technique that helps the measurements and data collection to be carried out from remote locations to a database, so the client can manage the processed information.