Electrical Engineering

Interpretation, identification and classification of conventional and non-conventional energy conversion processes. Design, supervision, construction and administration in distribution, transmission and subtransmission systems towards consumption centers with optimal, economic and safe techniques. Interpretation, administration and control of the demand of electric power (high-voltage power), through an investigation of the real needs of the electric power (high-voltage power) in the residence, consumption and industry levels. Energy audits aimed at rational use and energy efficiency. (Investigacion de punta) in the operation, security, quality of service and application of regulations and Law in the electric sector in the power electric systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Planning, direction, control and evaluation of the maintenance for industrial equipment and machines.

Realization of installations and equipment assemblies.

Formulation, development, inspection and evaluation of projects.

Reconstruction, repowering, optimization of machines, equipment and systems. Selection of materials, equipment and machinery and optimization of the use of energy.

Energy Efficiency

Studies to limit the energy consumption in all sectors.

Measure and monitor the use of energy to establish the reference points and objectives.

Promote energy sources and alternative wind and solar technologies.

Open markets to promote the reduction of demand.

Monitoring of energy quality.

Evaluation of improvements to apply energy efficiency.
Energy audit and measurement
Establish bases
Optimization through automation and regulation Control and continuous monitoring.


land: Our services in land transportation goes from port areas to the destination that you require, as well from any location to any part of the country that you need, always using a wide network of very equipped trucks.

Water: We move products and people from one place to another through rivers with an adequate depth, we have experience in the amazon region which has allowed us to develop and respond to our customers in an effective, efficient and safe manner.

Shipping: We offer special conditions to each of our customers for both consolidated cargo LCL and containers (FCL)

Automation and Control Engineering

Planning, design and construction of the automation of production processes in industrial plants, shipping, oil and transport systems.

We offer formulation and development of projects in multidisciplinary automation projects, self-sustaining, tending to give solucions with social meaning to the problems that in this field are present in our environment, either as a consultant or entrepreneur.

Analysis, design to apply the control of dynamic systems, servomechanisms, electrical machines, manipulators of robots, using theories and modern control, digital and analog electronic technology, communication networks, computers and intelligent systems, in order to assimilate and incorporate the scientific-technical changes.

Planning, supervision and design to build electrical installations, structured cabling and industrial facilities with criteria of quality, safety and functionality.

Planning, design and implementation of instrumentation for control systems, industrial systems, security systems, electro medicine in companies, factories, hospitals, buildings with a criteria of safety, quality and reliability.

Civil engineering

Social development in terms of planning, organisation, project development, design, construction and maintenance of the physical infrastructure required in communication, health, education, recreation, tourism and industrial sectors.

Infrastructure projects of civil works (roads, hospitals, schools, dams, etc) developed efficiently, safely and maintaining the balance in the relationship between man and his environment.

Equipment rental

  • Campers: Rent of campers type offices, warehouses, bedrooms, etc, We also offer the construction of campers of all sizes.
  • Filtering systems: CO2 emissions, diesel injection pressures, high level of water or oil content.are a drawback for fuel system, for this reason we offer solutions to overcome these challenges by providing efficient, robust and economical fuel conditioning.
  • Fuel tanks: Rental of storage tanks for fuel, petroleum, oil, water, diesel, signage and nomenclature for gas stations, storage, transport, industrial and special projects.

Customs Technical Management and Legal Matters

We advise on customs regimes, tax, provisions and regulations that govern import and export activities accord to each tariff position.